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Alternatives To Tree Lopping On The Gold Coast

Jan 27, 2023

Did you know that one of the most significant assets for land property owners are their trees? Not only are they essential for the environment, but they also provide an aesthetic appeal to gardens and can increase the value of your property, so it’s vital to maintain their health and beauty. A quick fix and solution that many property owners ask for is tree lopping. While they think they are doing the right thing by their trees when it comes to tree lopping, unfortunately, they can do more harm than good. There is an alternative!

What Does Tree Lopping Involve? 

Tree lopping typically involves removing the top portion of the tree or the majority of its crown, which can include the necessary foliage for desired results. It is usually done to reduce tree size, improve aesthetics and make a garden or property look tidier. 

When done incorrectly, tree lopping can shock the tree and result in dieback or weaken new growth as the tree struggles to make up for the foliage that was taken away. It also results in unbalanced, unsightly trees that are riskier and require more maintenance. Tree lopping can serve as a short term solution but at a higher cost in the long run.

What are the Alternatives to Tree Lopping? 

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is a gentler alternative to tree lopping. It involves removing dead or diseased branches while preserving the tree’s overall shape and natural growth patterns, thus, maintaining healthy foliage. It also ensures that the tree has adequate space for air movement and light penetration for those plants that share the space below the trees.

Pruning can increase a tree’s lifespan by helping it ward off pests and diseases. It also helps reduce potential damage from storms and wind. 

Crown Reduction 

When a tree grows too large that it blocks off sunlight from reaching lower areas or starts to encroach on a building, road or pathway, crown reduction is a better alternative. Unlike tree lopping, crown reduction involves carefully removing some of the upper canopy of a tree, about 15-20%, with branches reduced back to at least 1/3 of the diameter allowing the tree to continue to thrive. Furthermore, crown reduction leaves the tree looking natural and not lopsided.

Tree Removal

While we always try to approach tree maintenance using the most environmentally responsible option, often, varied problems such as major structural weakness, falling debris, dead or dying trees, and many more can make preservation impossible. In these cases, tree removal is the best course of action. 

Typically starting with inspecting the tree to ensure it is safe to remove, tree removal involves cutting down a tree and removing the pieces. It can include sawing, pruning, cutting, and sometimes even using a crane to lift the tree away. Trees continue to give back to the environment when removed, as they can be processed through a woodchipper and turned into mulch.

Consider Other Safe Options Before Having Tree Lopping Services

At Frontier Tree Services, we generally advise against tree lopping, but we understand that sometimes it is the last resort. We encourage, however, to make sure you are engaging with a qualified arborist to perform the service. Their expertise and knowledge of tree care allow them to know precisely what sections to trim and how to ensure the least damage is caused to the tree in the process. 

We strive to keep trees healthy and beautiful while preserving their natural features and not compromising their functionality and environmental purpose. Contact us now to discuss how we can provide alternatives to tree lopping and recommend the most appropriate and suitable solutions, so your trees continue to thrive.

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