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Uncontrolled Bamboo Growth: Why You Need A Bamboo Removal Service

Jun 29, 2023

Bamboo is a beautiful plant known for its versatility, strength and resilience. It is widely grown in Queensland, providing a magnificent landscape view to many properties. While bamboo can enhance the look of any garden, it can also be a nuisance if it spreads uncontrollably. When this happens, it’s time to have a  bamboo removal service.

Two Types of Bamboo

Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family. It’s a tall, woody grass that grows in a dense environment and can reach up to an incredible 2-15 metres in height. Because of its height, they are considered excellent privacy plants. They are also often used for erosion control and to create shelterbelts. Bamboo, which has approximately 1600 species, can be divided into two main categories: Clumping and Running. The difference is within their stem-bearing roots or rhizomes.

Clumping bamboo is a non-invasive type that grows in clumps with predictable gaps between each plant. It has short upward-turning rhizomes from a central plant, forming clumps, and typically exhibits sympodial features.

Running bamboo is an invasive type that grows horizontally and aggressively, extending across gardens and neighbouring properties. Many property owners grow them as privacy fence.

The Hazards of Uncontrolled Bamboo Growth: Why You Need a Trusted Bamboo Removal Service

While bamboo provides many benefits, its rapid growth and hardy nature make it challenging to control its spread. Uncontrolled bamboo growth can potentially result in the following:

Property damage

Bamboo roots can grow under foundations and cause structural damage to homes and other buildings. They can also push up through driveways and walkways.

Access obstruction

Overgrown bamboo can block access to walkways, driveways, and other areas of a property, making it difficult (and dangerous) to navigate.

Fire hazard

Bamboo is a highly flammable plant. If it catches on fire, it can spread quickly and be difficult to extinguish.


Uncontrolled bamboo growth spreading into neighbouring properties may lead to conflicts with neighbours, which can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

When Is Bamboo Removal Required on the Gold Coast?

Bamboo is not a prohibited or restricted invasive plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014. Still, growers must have a  general biosecurity obligation (GBO) to minimise the risks associated with invasive plants they own.

On the Gold Coast, bamboo removal is required when these plants take over an entire area, leaving no room for other plants to grow. It is common for both running and clumping bamboo to require removal.

Here are things you can do:

  • Cut the stalks
  • Dig up the rhizomes
  • Kill the roots using glyphosate poison
  • Grind remains with a stump grinder

These methods require significant effort and may not always be effective as the bamboo’s resilience allows it to regrow if roots are not adequately addressed.

When to Engage a Professional Bamboo Removal Service

Bamboo is a beautiful plant that can add an aesthetic appeal to your property, but with its rapid growth and generally invasive nature, the plant is prone to certain issues.

If you wish to remove it from your property, consider engaging a professional bamboo removal service provider. However, it is important to note that there is no 100% effective permanent bamboo removal option.

At Frontier, we use two methods of removal, either stump grinding or poison application. If the bamboo resprouts (which would signify new growth), poison can be reapplied.

Alternatively, if you choose to keep your bamboo and need help managing it, we also have Bamboo Trimming or Pruning Services with customised maintenance solutions.

If you need any of these services to address any issues with your trees and plants, please contact us.

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