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Do your trees need your attention?

Aug 18, 2016

So long time no blog…

I don’t know where the time has gone!

We’re still going strong with our great team of guys, Andy had a few months away in the middle of the year as he fulfilled the traveller within him and payed a visit to his home land. Much to our clients delight he is back now and shimmying up those trees as he always did. We do however have a few new faces in the team with possibly more to come!

Check out the Frontier Tree Services about us page to see our awesome team!

Our new website went live recently so when you’ve checked out the crew why not browse the rest of the site. Our Gold Coast Tree Removal page has some great pics. We decided to feature our video on the homepage as we’ve had some great feedback from it, particularly regarding Michaels hand following the chainsaw cut! (the gory stuff is always a winner)

Watch this space for our monthly blog, we will be giving out advice and information covering topics such as:

How to assess your trees

How to find a qualified Arborist

Wildlife In trees

Tree preservation

Gold Coast Tree Loppers (know who you’re dealing with)

Planning for seasons

Why re-plant

… and more

We’ll also be welcoming some awesome guest bloggers but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, blog ideas and photos.


Do your trees need your attention?

No one knows your trees as well as you. Become familiar, walk around and look at your beauties from top to bottom, look for any changes…

Are there any large, dead branches in your tree?

Are there any broken branches hanging in your tree?

Have branches fallen from your tree?

Are there any cracks or splits in the trunk where the branches are attached?

Does your tree have multiple trunks?

Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the truck or in major branches?

Have you noticed a discolouration or change of size in the leaves?


Trees don’t usually grow straight and a little lean is normal but when you notice a strong lean because of poor weight distribution or root damage; it’s likely unstable… call Frontier Tree Services for a FREE tree assessment.

Has the trunk developed a lean?

Have any trees been removed from around your tree?

Has the tree ever been lopped or heavily pruned?

Have any roots been damaged/exposed?

Have you noticed soil cracked around the base?


Construction can be tough on trees. It doesn’t take too much disturbance close by whether it be installing a new driveway, cut and fill for building work or digging for utility lines. If you’ve had any work carried out be aware of what to look for to ensure your trees don’t fail.

Are there any mushroom or fungus growths on, or around the tree?

Has the surrounding area been changed, soil level raised or lowered?

Does the bark/trunk look damaged?

If you do see any of the major warning signs above then your trees could be “hazard trees” – trees likely to fail and destroy what’s near them – like your house!

This is a good time to call a certified Gold Coast arborist. Arborists can recommend a solution to most problems whether it be a canopy weight reduction, canopy reduction to balance the tree, deadwood, installation of a bracing system. If however the risk of the tree falling is highly likely a complete removal may be recommended.




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