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Navigating Gold Coast Tree Removal: Protected Trees Addition

May 24, 2024

There is a common misconception that trees on private property can be removed at the owner’s discretion. However, most trees on the Gold Coast are protected under local government laws and require council consent for removal. This regulation isn’t meant to hinder those dealing with troublesome or hazardous trees but rather to ensure the preservation of green spaces within the community. Here’s your guide to navigating the Gold Coast tree removal process, which requires council consent.


1. Understand the Gold Coast Vegetation Management Code

The first step in Gold Coast tree removal process is understanding which trees are protected. Generally, trees located more than 1.5 meters from a fence or 3 meters from an approved dwelling will require council approval for removal. However, there are variations based on land size, tree species, and property type. For detailed information, refer to the Gold Coast vegetation management code or consult our arborist during your tree removal quote appointment.

2. Identify Risks or Faults with the Tree

Protected trees require a valid reason for removal. Evaluate if the tree poses a danger or negatively impacts surrounding infrastructure. Legitimate reasons include potential hazards to people or property, disease, or significant structural faults.

3. Book a Gold Coast Tree Removal Quote

Schedule a quote appointment with our professional arborists. During this visit, our arborist will confirm whether council approval is necessary and provide advice on possible outcomes. We’ll also include a fee for handling the application and lodging it with the council, saving you time and effort.

4. Lodge Your Tree Removal Application

We recommend engaging a professional arborist to lodge your tree removal application on your behalf. Our team can prepare detailed plans and provide the necessary justification for removal, enhancing your application’s chances of approval. If you prefer to manage the process yourself, you can lodge an application directly with the City of Gold Coast by filling out the required forms and supplying details about your tree and property. Once submitted, an assessing arborist will review your application and make a decision.

5. Receive and Review Your Decision Notice

Once your application is approved, you will receive a decision notice outlining the conditions for your Gold Coast tree removal. Carefully review all conditions to ensure compliance before proceeding with the removal. 

6. Explore Alternative Options

If your tree does not meet the council’s criteria for removal, consider alternative solutions such as tree pruning. Pruning can significantly improve the tree’s appearance, mitigate hazards, and potentially delay the need for removal.


By following these steps, you can navigate the Gold Coast tree removal process with ease, ensuring compliance with local regulations while addressing your property’s needs. For assistance with your Gold Coast tree removal applications or to learn more about our services, please reach out to our team. 

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