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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Aug 7, 2019

We get asked every day, ‘How much will it cost to remove my tree?’ Determining tree removal cost is tricky. There isn’t a set answer, or a height to width calculation to determine the price.

All trees vary in shape, size, location and species; therefore, we price tree removals on an individual case by case basis. A small tree removal job could cost as little as $400. A larger, more complex tree could cost tens of thousands.

To get an accurate price for your tree removal, a qualified Arborist must view the tree first. They will come to you and look at the tree, and the surrounding area to assess the approach and determine the price.

Here’s what an Arborist is looking for when assessing the tree removal cost:

Size and Form of the Tree

Firstly, an arborist will determine the species of the tree and take note of its structure. This will help them decide on the best approach to fell the tree, section by section.

It is essential to consider the health of the tree and visually inspect it for any signs of decay. Decay can make the tree unsafe to climb, and there must be stable anchor points for the Arborist to climb.

The Arborist will consider the type of timber and the time that is needed to cut through it, and then process it through the woodchipper.

Surrounding Area and Access

The placement of a tree and access are important in determining your tree removal cost. An arborist will take note of the immediate area surrounding your tree. They will consider how to work around any buildings, fences or areas requiring protection, such as pavers or pools.

Some trees are felled in large sections where space allows it. Others may require careful rigging (using pulleys, tension bars and ropes to lower branches to the ground) to avoid the neighbour’s roof or your glass pool fence.

Sections of the tree can be heavy. An Arborist assesses how far they will need to carry the sections of the tree, how clear this pathway is, and what obstacles are in the way. The closer the truck and chipper can park to the tree, the less time and equipment is needed to carry out all that heavy timber.

Protected Trees

A qualified Arborist will be able to determine if your tree is self-assessable, or protected by local government law. Frontier Tree Services can assist you with any council applications for protected tree removals.

At Frontier Tree Services, we love native wildlife. Our Arborists take great care to check for markings or scratches around your tree to ensure it isn’t home to any native wildlife.

Possums, nesting birds and bats often make their homes in trees. It is essential to engage a professional wildlife spotter catcher to re-home any wildlife before an Arborist starts removing your tree.

Potential Hazards

We identify and minimise dangerous hazards to ensure safe tree removal. While preparing your quote, our Arborist will lookout for any surrounding objects that could pose a potential safety risk to our crew. Our Arborist will scan the area looking for everything from wasp nests to pedestrian traffic, uneven or sloping ground and overhead powerlines. We always consider all surrounding factors to ensure both your property and our crew remain safe.

Skill and Equipment Needed

Some jobs are small, and some more complex, meaning they require a different level of expertise and equipment. At Frontier Tree Services, we cater to all tree removals and look to present the most cost-effective solution for each of our clients.

Our Arborist will determine how many climbers, ground crew and the type of equipment needed to complete your tree removal in the most efficient way possible.


So, how much will it cost to remove your tree?

The workings are complex, and an Arborist must visit your property to view the tree before offering an accurate quote. To ensure you get the best outcome for the right price, it best to book a free onsite quote. Meet with the Arborist to understand their pricing and all the factors when determining your tree removal cost.

If your in need of tree removal in the Gold Coast quote or if there are any questions we can help with get in touch today.


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