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Ensuring Tree Safety Amidst Wet Weather: Insights from Our Gold Coast Arborist

Jan 25, 2024

With the impending wet weather and many compromised trees still requiring attention post-recent storms, prioritising tree safety is now more crucial than ever. Our expert Gold Coast Arborist offers valuable tips on what to observe and how to address issues after the next significant rain event.

Identifying Unstable Trees

Following heavy rain after prolonged dry spells, tree root plates may shift, compromising the tree’s stability. Soil erosion can expose root masses, leading to tree failure. Signs of instability include newly developed holes around the base, exposed roots, or noticeable leaning of the tree.

Guarding Against Diseases

Wet soil elevates a tree’s vulnerability to diseases like root rot, causing crown dieback and affecting above-ground parts such as leaves, flowers, fruits, and branches. Wet weather fosters conditions ideal for fungus growth, potentially leading to internal and external decay. Look out for mushrooms and growths around the base—a possible sign of hidden internal decay.

Mitigating Nutrient Loss

Heavy or prolonged rain can deplete soil nutrients, adversely impacting tree growth and potentially causing canopy dieback. Maintaining soil quality is vital for tree health.

Caring for Trees During Wet Weather

  • Improve Drainage

Prevent excess moisture by enhancing surface and subsurface drainage. Regularly check existing drains for blockages to ensure effective water flow.

  • Check for Fungi and Diseases

After persistent rains, be vigilant for mushroom growth and weeping wounds, indicating fungal infections and diseases. Promptly consult a Gold Coast Arborist if you observe such signs in your trees.

  • Use Mulch

Apply a generous layer of mulch around the tree’s base or soil bed to control weeds, retain soil nutrients, and inhibit disease organisms, particularly during heavy rains.

  • Fertilize and Re-Mulch

Following heavy rains, replenish lost nutrients by applying fertilizer to the soil. Subsequently, re-mulch to ensure continued protection.

In the presence of any concerning conditions, scheduling a consultation with our local Gold Coast Arborist offers an accurate assessment, providing peace of mind and an action plan for necessary maintenance. Prioritizing tree safety and proactive care is the key to resilient and healthy trees, even in challenging weather conditions.

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