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Does the contractor’s insurance cover your job?

December 9, 2019 | Frontier01

It’s essential that all tradespeople working in and around your home are insured, qualified and licenced (where appropriate) to do their job. Something you may not think of doing is checking the contractor’s credentials. And if you do check, do you know what you’re looking for? Does your contractor’s insurance cover them for the job they’ve quoted you?

How to find out what level of insurance your contractors hold?

Ask for a copy of the contractor’s insurance. Anyone who holds Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover will have a certificate of currency, which they can provide on request.

A contractor’s policy must list all the activities they are quoting. Frontier Tree Services Public Liability Certificate of Currency clearly states our primary service business as, “Tree Cutting & Felling. The policy states that we can carry out the following activities:

  • tree pruning
  • felling
  • surgery
  • transplanting
  • stump grinding
  • mulching
  • garden maintenance
  • garden waste removal; and
  • the hiring, supply and use of a cherry picker

We provide full coverage to the limit of $20 million while undertaking these activities. Any climbing arborist should have the same level of cover as Frontier Tree Services. If the activity you’ve engaged your arborist to undertake isn’t listed in their policy, don’t take the risk – find another contractor. 

What if my contractor has gardening, landscaping or horticultural services listed?

This level of cover is generally enough for non-climbing activities. However, as soon as a contractor climbs a tree or performs work off the ground, the insurance is void. 

As the property owner, you are liable for any damages or injuries that could occur while carrying out your work. Sadly, this is all too common within the Arboricultural industry. 

Consumers are often time-poor and don’t have time to research their contractors. Avoid being caught out by contractors with little to no insurance. Always ask your contractor for a copy of their public liability certificate and read the fine print.

If you’re looking to hire an Arborist to undertake your tree work, get in touch with Frontier Tree Services. Our team are fully insured, highly qualified and experienced in their fields, ensuring a safe work environment for both your property and our team.

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