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A Timely Response to Bushfire Aftermath with Tree Removal

Dec 19, 2023

In the wake of a recent bushfire, our skilled team at Frontier Tree Services came to the aid of a local school, prioritising the safety of students and the school community. Swift and strategic action was required to address the aftermath, with a primary focus on hazardous tree identification and tree removal.

Hazardous Tree Identification:

Our experienced consulting arborist took the lead in assessing the impact of the bushfire on the trees surrounding the school. Identifying those that had been compromised and posed an imminent threat was a crucial first step. The safety of the school grounds depended on a thorough understanding of which trees had a high likelihood of failure.

Tree Removal:

Following the identification process, our qualified arborists promptly undertook the tree removal. This decisive action was undertaken to eliminate the risk of tree failure within the school grounds. By swiftly addressing the compromised trees, we ensured the safety of the school community, preventing potential accidents and injuries.

Preserving Safe Trees:

Not all trees faced the same fate. Our Consulting Arborist carefully assessed each tree’s health and structural integrity, preserving those deemed safe and in good condition. This approach not only protects the aesthetics of the school’s environment but also maintains the vital environmental benefits that healthy trees contribute to the surroundings.

Bushfire Safety Tip:

Areas of the Gold Coast are prone to bushfires, and this is something we can all proactively manage. Adequate airflow in heavily vegetated areas is a key factor in reducing fire risk. Regular assessments of trees and vegetation can identify potential hazards. Thinning out dead trees and removing the understory layer are effective strategies, as well as clearing trees away from properties and removing dead / dying branches and Palm fronds.

In times of crisis, the importance of a quick and effective response cannot be overstated. Our recent efforts at the local school highlight the dedication of our team to safeguarding communities. Through careful tree identification, tree removal, and preservation, we aim to contribute to creating safer and more resilient environments, especially in areas prone to bushfires. If you’re looking for assistance or guidance in tree removal and safety, feel free to contact us.

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