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What Are The Fines For Cutting Down Trees On The Gold Coast?

Mar 7, 2019

What are the fines for cutting down trees on the Gold Coast?

Many of us don’t fully understand the consequences or know that there are fines for cutting down trees on the Gold Coast. We think that because they are our trees, we can remove them if we want!

Wrong… There are fines for cutting down trees on the Gold Coast if the tree is protected. If your tree is protected and it is removed without the necessary approval, then the Gold Coast City Council can impose fines and re-planting for damage to vegetation. The same goes for in-proper pruning practices (lopping) of protected trees and trees located on body corporate land.

For more information regarding protected trees see our blog post Understanding QLD tree removal laws on the Gold Coast.

You can easily avoid fines for cutting down trees in Queensland by engaging a qualified Arborist to undertake your tree removal. Qualified Arborists are aware of local laws regarding tree protection and will always provide you with correct advice to protect your home and trees. To book a quote appointment with one of our qualified Arborist call 5574 4477 or email us.

What are the Penalties for Cutting Down Trees?

Fines and penalties for tree removal and lopping will vary depending on the determined value the Council poses on the trees.

A fee can be charged, as well as a replanting order to compensate for the loss of vegetation. Illegally cutting down a tree could turn into a costly exercise.

It’s important to remember that this law does not just apply to tree removals. All protected trees must be pruned in accordance with AS4373: 1996 Pruning of Amenity Trees by a L3 qualified Arborist.  

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a qualified Arborist undertake your tree work to comply with these requirements. Acting on the wrong advice could be a costly mistake as one of our body corporate clients knows too well. Unfortunately, they engaged the services of an un-skilled tree lopper who lopped 29 trees throughout the common property. Once Gold Coast Council tree removal was notified an independent Arborist report was ordered, which found all 29 trees had been irreparably damaged and required replacement. We estimate our client’s re-planting costs were $20,000 and they risked a non-compliance fine of up to $960,000.00!

Find out more about tree lopping, click here for the full story.

Don’t let this happen to you! Avoid fines for cutting down trees on the Gold Coast by speaking with a qualified Arborist and get the right advice for your trees. Call 5574 4477 or email for a quote with our qualified Arborist.

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