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Understanding Gold Coast Tree Removal Laws

Mar 7, 2019

Each local council sets its own regulations regarding Queensland tree removal laws. To help better understand Gold Coast tree removal laws, we’ve prepared an easy guide on how to safely and legally remove your trees.

Note: The below information is to be used as a general guide only. Exceptions can be made depending on the size of property and zoning overlays. It is always recommended that a qualified Arborist confirm the species and location of your trees to ensure a correct assessment.

Do you need permission to cut down your tree?

Some Gold Coast trees are protected and require council approval. Here’s what you CAN remove on most private properties:

  • Any tree that is within 3 meters of your house or approved building structure
  • Any tree that is within 1.5 meters of your fence or pool fence
  • Any tree that is smaller than 4 meters in height or less than 40cm in circumference
  • Any pest species tree defined as, Cocos Palm, Coral Tree, Cadagi Tree, Slash Pine Tree and Umbrella Tree

If your trees fit any of the above, then it looks like you can remove them without the need for consent. We recommend a Qualified Arborist always inspect your trees to correctly confirm the species and location before undertaking any removal.

We can do this during your free quotation appointment. Book today by calling our office on 5574 4477 or emailing us.

How to get Tree Removal Approval from Gold Coast City Council?

If your tree does not meet the above self- assessable list, or your tree is located on body corporate common property, then it will need approval from the Gold Coast City Council before you can have it removed.

Council approvals shouldn’t be a deterrent. Dangerous, hazardous and damaging trees can still be removed if you notify council in the correct way. You can choose to lodge it yourself through the Gold Coast City Council website or have your Arborist do it for you.

A reputable Arborist will be able to lodge an application to the Council on your behalf and manage the application process for you. If you think your tree removal requires council approval, book in for a free quote. Our Arborist can correctly identify your tree and provide the option to prepare and lodge your application on your behalf.

Tree Removal on Body Corporate Land

All trees on body corporate land are protected and require Council approval before any vegetation can be removed. This is done to ensure vegetation levels are maintained from the original approved landscaping plan. Any changes to this must be recorded by means of a Council application.

We understand that body corporate tree management is not as simple as managing private property, and there are often several trees that need attention. If your body corporate has multiple trees that need assessing speak to us about our Vegetation Management Plans and how this can assist in getting your tree removal approved by the Council.

To book your free quote for a Vegetation Management Plan call our office on 5574 4477 or email us.

If you have any questions regarding Gold Coast tree removal laws and how they affect your landscaping projects call our team today on 5574 4477. Our office staff are up to date on all Gold Coast tree removal laws and our qualified Arborists will provide advice specific to your properties trees.

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