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Why you should chose a professional over local gold coast tree loppers

Norfolk Pine in a Tight Spot

There was not a lot of room for error with this one…. A beach front home in mermaid beach had been built around this large Norfolk pine, in hind sight a little too close. The root system had lifted the floor in the house causing significant damage. The tree had to be removed to prevent further structural damage. The most efficient and safest way to remove the tree was by lifting sections out with a 60T crane. We closed part of the road off and lifted the tree out in 8 sections causing minimal disruption to traffic, neighbours and our clients. A great result and definitely one for the professionals! (not your run of the mill gold cost tree loppers)

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Keeping our Trees and Wildlife Safe

A large dead tree had been retained on a golf course because of its habitat value which is great…..but…. unfortunately over time it had become structurally unsound and was in active failure (it was moving). Obviously too dangerous to climb and with neighbouring properties in its fall zone we had to dismantle it using an EWP. Because of its large hollows we had a wildlife spotter/ catcher on site, fortunately as we came across some adorable baby possum’s which were successfully relocated to another area.

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Hidden Beauty

This large fig had shed a large limb and the owners had it earmarked for removal. After a chat with the owner he agreed to entrust me with the pruning of it. And as you will agree it looks stunning!!! We carried out a weight reduction of extended limbs and canopy cleaned it. We also carried out a canopy lift, this involves removing the lower branches, in this case to balance the canopy and improve the view. The owner was overwhelmed with the results and obviously very glad that he did not remove this beautiful tree. I have no doubt in my mind that had an un-qualified gold coast tree lopper attended, this beautiful tree would not be here today.

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Palm Cleaning & Shaping

Every other garden in Queensland will have a palm tree, but they do require annual maintenance to keep them looking good. Dead fronds and seed pods are removed and the crowns on certain species can be shaped. Don’t call just any gold coast tree lopper, call the professionals to give your palms that 5 star resort look!

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Weight reduction & canopy cleaning

This large Eucalyptus close to a property had suffered several limb failures, the owners were obviously worried about further failure. We recommended a canopy clean which requires the removal of redundant growth, dead, rubbing, damaged, and diseased branches. Additional to this we weight reduced the extended branches, this reduces the wind and weight loading of limbs to reduce likelihood of failure whilst maintaining health and appearance.

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Very efficient and professional team with modern equipment. I highly recommend Frontier Tree Services after observing their expertise for removal of a large gum tree on my propertyP. Brown, Oxenford (Jan 2020)