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Introducing Our NEWEST Service Powered By Electric Chainsaws

At Frontier Tree Services we are always striving for customer satisfaction.
One of the areas we have been working on to support our commercial clients is the noise levels when carrying out work. Resorts, hotels, and complexes in the past have had significant concerns about noise levels.
Understandably, clients prefer that noise be kept to a minimum during the day. The last thing you want is unhappy guests and residents
When lopping or pruning trees, using the right tool makes all the difference – and nothing beats the precision of a chainsaw. Up until recently, there was no other option.
Introducing, Electric Chainsaws – the quiet brother to the standard chainsaw. While ‘quiet chainsaw’ may seem like an oxymoron, our experienced team is now using noise reducing chainsaws to prune and lop trees.
Not only is noise reduced, but there are additional benefits as follows:

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Zero Emissions

Alarmingly, gas powered chainsaws emit carbon monoxide, toxins, carcinogens and greenhouse gasses. Much cleaner and environmentally friendly, these electric saws produce no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

20-30db Noise Level

Chainsaws are known for noise and disruption, far exceeding the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 106db for 23 seconds. To protect you and your guests from the noise and protect our crew’s hearing, our saws produce a mere 20-30dbs.

No Disruptions to Residents or Hotel Guests

We understand how valuable your time is. Our quiet whisper chainsaws eliminate unnecessary disruption and allow you to get on with your day.

Light Weight

The innovative lightweight design allows our crew to carry the chainsaw from one place to another comfortably. This helps them get the job done quicker for you.

High Performance/High Speed

By using high-performance electric chainsaws, our crew ensures any job, large or small, is done quickly, precisely and with ease.

Battery Operated

Unlike most electric chainsaws which require power outlets, these saws are battery powered. What that allows is, for us to use them on any area while reducing the overall power consumption.
To further eliminate noise, where possible, timber is removed and processed through the wood chipper, away from main buildings.
Minimise noise disruption, reduce emissions with the same high level of work carried out. Ask the team about our Electric Chainsaws, and book in today for a free quote.


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Very efficient and professional team with modern equipment. I highly recommend Frontier Tree Services after observing their expertise for removal of a large gum tree on my propertyP. Brown, Oxenford (Jan 2020)