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Gold Coast Council Tree Removal Application

Are you aware that if you require a tree to be removed from your garden, you may need to lodge a Tree Removal Application to the Gold Coast City Council?
The Gold Coast City Council has a process for requesting Tree Removal. It can often be a little confusing, particularly when you’re not sure what’s needed.

If you have a large tree in your yard that is a concern or have an inkling that you will need to obtain approval, give us a call.

Frontier Tree services will lodge your application for you and manage the process through to the end.
No stress, no confusing forms and no trips to the council office. It’s all taken care of for you.
Our Chief Arborist is up to date with local law and the current Gold Coast city council planning scheme. That allows him to guide you in the right direction to get the best outcome possible.

Here’s how it works;

Firstly invite Frontier Tree Services to provide a Free Quote and then accept your quotation.
Book a date in our schedule for the work to be completed (approximately four weeks time, pending approval)
Sign the council consent form (provided by us) and then allow us to do the rest!

What Happens Next

We then prepare your tree removal application for Gold Coast Council, and lodge it, along with a professional, detailed site plan and works proposal, for the council assessing arborist.
The council will then process the application through their system which usually takes around 3 – 4 weeks. During this time they may send an Arborist to your site for a visual inspection.
Once the decision notice has been issued, we’ll contact you by phone to go over the details of your decision notice and arrange a suitable day to attend to the approved work.
We can also assist you with any additional requests the council may have, such as re-planting, arborist reports or wildlife management.
Avoid a headache and let us take care of your next tree removal application with the Gold Coast City Council. Contact us today for more information.
Note: All lead times quoted are reflective of the time frames provided by the Gold Coast City Council.