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Rain, Climbing Competition, Trees And Videos

August 25, 2014 | Michael Spence

Wow, what a wet weekend… it was typical that it was also the Queensland Tree Climbing Championships this weekend too! Although we were absolutely soaked through it was still a good day, it’s always good to be around other people who are passionate about climbing, it’s quite motivating. Especially since everyone made such an effort in the cold, wet weather. Both Andy and myself took part in the competition, there was a great turn out and as always a lot of great climbers. The competition was held in Bangalow, Northern NSW. What a lovely little town, I’ll definitely make a trip down there again, maybe I’ll check the forecast first though!


It’s important to check your trees after very wet weather like this, we had a few emergency calls last week following the rain and high winds that passed through the Gold Coast last weekend. When the ground gets saturated it can loosen the soil around the root system, coupled with heavy winds this can be a potentially damaging combination. Check out the ground around the root system, look for cracks in the soil or gaps between the trunk and the soil. Get familiar with your trees!!

Well our video is ready!! We had a preview here in the office for the team to see it together and we’re all really happy with it.



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