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Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas Trees

December 13, 2019 | Frontier01

Decorate your home in style these holidays with native Christmas trees and shrubs. Ditch the tinsel in favour of the greens and reds from our native bushland. With vibrant earthy colours, your decorations are sure to be a winner with family and friends. In this post, we’ll inspire you to use natives in your Christmas decor.


Kangaroo Paw

kangaroo paw 150x150 - Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas Trees


A true native to Australia, this small shrub produces soft velvety flowers in the shape of animal paws. They have long thin stems making them perfect for cut flower arrangements and weaving into wreaths or other festive decorations. Their rich red colour is the ideal accompaniment to any festive setting.





Banksia 150x150 - Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas Trees


Banksias come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. The large floral blooms are perfect for a stunning Christmas table centrepiece. When selecting blooms, look for burnt orange or red colours, as well as vibrant leaves. These wildflowers are easy to find as they’re a common choice in Queensland backyards, parks and bushlands. In addition, when dried out, they will last past Christmas.





Eucalyptus gumnut cropped 150x150 - Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas Trees


The iconic Australian gum nut is a native treasure. A mix of green leaves and the occasional cluster of small gumnuts is just what your Australian themed Christmas needs. Eucalyptus trees are everywhere, meaning you can collect a few twigs off the ground from your local park and neighbourhood. They are a great way to get your Christmas decorating started.





wattle flower 150x150 - Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas Trees

What better way to celebrate Christmas in Australia than to incorporate a national symbol in our festive decorations? Wattle foliage is the perfect earthy green to mix with your natural inspired table setting. Together with their green leaves, the yellow blossoms will add a pop of colour to any arrangement. Similarly to Eucalyptus, wattle stems are flexible and perfect for working into any Christmas decorations you may be crafting.





bottlebrush xmas 150x150 - Decorate Your Home With Native Christmas TreesThe headline act to your floral table is the bottlebrush. The bottlebrush is the quintessential Australian bush Christmas tree. Bright red and full of festive cheer, these blossoms will instantly brighten up your home. Bottlebrushes are part of the Callistemon family, a small tree/bush that can be grown around the Queensland coast producing brightly coloured flowers. Nothing says Aussie Christmas like a bottlebrush tree, so add them to bouquets, centrepieces as well as wreaths and other festive decorating you may have in mind.




Are you inspired to get out the craft kit and start decorating? If you find yourself short of any of the florals mentioned above, pay a visit to your local florist for some cut varieties. Florists usually work with a wide range of Australian Native flora and will have plenty available this Christmas.

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