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Cheap Quote – But have you got the right advice?

July 25, 2018 | Frontier01

Would you ask a plumber to repair a hole in the wall… or an Electrician to unblock your sink?

No you say… Then why take the risk using gardeners and unskilled tradespeople to undertake tree pruning and removal work.

While gardeners are excellent for maintaining your shrubs, plants and lawns. Specific knowledge, skills and equipment are required when undertaking tree work.

Did you know that any tree greater than 4 meters in height or 40cm in circumference is deemed protected vegetation by the Gold Coast City Council?

It is a requirement that all trees of this size are pruned to Australian Standard AS:4373. Like most home owners, gardeners and untrained tree loppers are unaware of this law, leaving home owners open for potential fines from council for unlawfully lopping protected trees.

Don’t get caught out, be informed and contact a professional.

Do you need Council Approval to remove your tree?

Only a qualified Arborist or the local council will be able to give this advice. You can trust that our Arborist is up to date with all local law requirements and can prepare and lodge your application for you, if needed.

Does my tree really need removing?

Frontier Tree Services are qualified to carry out visual tree risk assessments. Our Arborist will provide an accurate assessment and only recommend work that is needed. If it’s a tree you love and it’s causing an issue, be it overhanging canopy, large branches or travelling roots. We’ll work with you to provide the best outcome and always look to retain the tree where possible.

Don’t be fooled by a cheap quote and inaccurate advice. Get the right advice the first time around.

Call Frontier Tree Services and get a professional Arborist for your next quote.

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