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When is the Best Time To Clean Palm Trees?

June 4, 2019 | Frontier01

The best time to clean palm trees is NOW! Winter is the perfect time to have your palms cleaned and de-seeded. Palms typically go into seed twice a year, at the beginning of winter and again in early summer.

As with most trees, growth slows down in colder temperatures. If you clean your palms now, you can remove unsightly seeds that have recently formed. Cleaning your palm now will provide a long-lasting result.

Palms that require ongoing cleaning and maintenance are usually Traveller Palms, Fan Palms, Cocos Palms, Phoenix palms and Date Palms. These palms will present dead hanging fronds that will not break off and self-clean. Not only do these dead fronds look unsightly, but they can also pose a safety risk to your property and family members. Dead fronds can break away in high winds or if left for extended periods of time. Some palm fronds are heavy and when falling from a distance will strike the property or person below with considerable force.


traveller palm image 150x150 - When is the Best Time To Clean Palm Trees?Phoenix Palm Tree 1 150x150 - When is the Best Time To Clean Palm Trees?cocos palm 150x150 - When is the Best Time To Clean Palm Trees?fan palm 150x150 - When is the Best Time To Clean Palm Trees?

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Palms such as Alexander Palms and Foxtail Palms are self-cleaning, but can still require professional maintenance to remove seeds produced around this time of year. Leaving seeds on palm trees can attract unwanted visitors, such as flying foxes, especially Cocos Palm seeds. If left uncleaned the seeds and berries will eventually drop to the ground causing an unsightly mess on walk-ways, which can be a slip hazard when wet.


Why choose an Arborist to Clean Palm Trees?

Accessing single-stemmed Palms can be tricky. Cocos Palms grow to approximately 12 meters and Alex Palms to about 15 meters. Far higher than the typical domestic ladder will reach. For safety reasons, it’s always best to engage a professional Arborist who is either trained to climb trees, or has the professional access equipment to reach them safely.

Don’t let climbers use spikes to climb and clean your palm trees. This is an effective way to climb a tree quickly and may provide a lower cost but will leave wounds and create an entry point for disease and decay to form on your palm tree. Spikes should never be used when cleaning and maintaining palm trees. A professional, qualified Arborist will always offer alternative climbing methods or use an elevated work platform to access the crown of your palm trees.

Get the most from your palm trees by engaging professional Arborists to clean palm trees and remove dead fronds early in every winter and summer. For assistance with your palm cleaning, contact us today.

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