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African Tulip Tree Removal Labrador

March 20, 2020 | GCGD_Frontier

Client – F. Lyons Location – Labrador, Gold Coast  

The Problem

Our client was alerted to the fact that African Tulip Trees are deadly to native stingless bees and have recently been declared by Queensland Bio Security as a class 3 pest species. The pollen the flowers produce is toxic to native bees and other small insects, killing them instantly.  Being a nature lover and wanting to do her part to assist in the support of our dwindling native been population, our client decided to choose Frontier Tree Services to undertake their African Tulip Tree Removal.  

The Process

As your will see from the overhead below, our clients property is heavily vegetated – they love trees! A major concern was the protection of the remaining trees and gardens around the property. During the initial quotation appointment our Arborist discussed these concerns. He indicated how the tree would be dismantled and marked out the travel path our crew would use to remove and process all debris. Ensuring for a safe African Tulip tree removal process. Our qualified Arborists ensured all branches were secured and lowered to the ground, section by section. Our ground crew expertly handled all debris and tracked them through the designated route for processing through the woodchipper. This systematic process ensured the tree removal was seamless, with minimal impact to the surrounding garden.  

The Result

Understanding the process helped our client feel at ease and confident with her decision to use Frontier Tree Services. The African Tulip Tree removal went off without a hitch and they were left with clean tidy and bee friendly yard. Thank you to our client for trusting in our process. We look forward to continuing to work with you, providing ongoing maintenance for your remaining trees. If you have any African Tulip Trees that you would like removed please get in contact us today for your free quotation. overhead map african tulip 150x150 - African Tulip Tree Removal Labradorafter removal african tulip 150x150 - African Tulip Tree Removal Labrador  

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